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Interested in a daycare for your infant and/or toddler (0-3 years old)? This is the place to start! This is the guide we would tell our friends to use when they ask, “So where do I start and what do I look for?” 


This 50+ page guide contains detailed information on: 


  • Daycare basics, including an overview of the different types of daycare programs, information on tuition/fees, and program hours


  • Family involvement, including key things to consider when reviewing an attendance policy and specific information on family communication around infant/toddler daily experiences (i.e. feeding times, diapering, etc.). 


  • Safety and security, including information on childcare licensing, ratios/group size, and specific information on safety considerations for infant classroom materials/furniture. 


  • Education and learning, including recommendations for what daily experiences a program should offer infant/toddlers, a sample daily schedule, and a special section on supporting children with disabilities. 


  • Child health and nutrition, including an overview on what to look for when reviewing an illness policy, how accidents/injuries should be handled at a program, and information specifically for formula fed infants and breastfeeding mom.


We also include a comprehensive infant/toddler specific interview guide for you to use when touring daycares! When we say comprehensive, we mean 50+ questions you can pick from depending on what is more important to you when touring daycares.

The Complete Daycare (0-3) Guide

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