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  • Do you provide recommendations on specific childcare centers, nanny services, etc.?
    No, we work with our families to ensure they have all the necessary information and support to make the choices that will work best for them! For example, you can use our interview guides when visiting childcare centers in your community and then schedule an initial consultation to get our support in reviewing their responses and your notes.
  • Are you able to join me when I interview potential caregivers such as nannies and au pairs?
    Absolutely! Schedule an initial consultation, so we can discuss your family’s priorities.
  • Are you able to visit childcare centers with me?
    We are currently available to accompany families on their childcare program tours in the following areas: Philadelphia and surrounding suburbs/South Jersey/North Delaware New York City/Long Island/Westchester Virginia North Eastern Florida Schedule an initial consultation so we can discuss your family’s priorities.
  • What type of special needs support do you provide?
    We will meet your family wherever you are! Whether you suspect your child has a special need, you are in the process of getting your child evaluated, or your child already has an IFSP or IEP, we are here to answer your questions and provide you with support. We can walk you through what to expect throughout the process, understanding your family’s rights, and your child’s IFSP or IEP goals, or anything else your family may need. We can join meetings with you as your advocate or meet with you individually. Schedule an initial consultation so we can discuss your family’s needs.
  • What is available in your resources that is not on your social media?
    There are so many useful tips on our social media, but if you are looking for detailed information to make informed decisions without having to do hours of research then you will want to check out our downloadable guides and blog posts. If you need individualized support then our one-on-one consultations are for you!
  • What is your refund policy?
    If you have purchased a consultation, ProEarly Co will make three attempts to contact you at the phone number you provided or other specified method. If you do not answer after the third attempt, your consultation will be cancelled and you will not be eligible for a refund. If you need to reschedule or cancel your consultation, we ask that you give us at least 24 hours notice. If you are unsatisfied with the consultation services provided, you must notify ProEarly Co within 30 days of your consultation and we will refund the amount you paid. To obtain any refund, you will be required to provide your payment receipt and any other materials requested. Gift cards and downloadable resources are not eligible for refund.
  • What age range is infant/toddler vs preschool-aged?
    Infant/toddler resources are geared for children ages 0-3, while preschool-aged resources are geared for children ages 3-5!
  • How are the guides meant to be used?
    The purpose of the guides is to equip you with the knowledge you need to make childcare decisions with confidence. We recommend using the guides to: Start a conversation with your partner or yourself about what matters most to you in a childcare program. Make the most of your tours of childcare programs and help you evaluate whether a program will support your child to thrive. Re-evaluate your childcare program options each year or as your child develops specialized needs. You can read it cover to cover or quickly jump to the sections you are most interested in.
  • Are consultations available in other languages?
    Yes! Our Education Enthusiast, Christine, provides consultations in Spanish and Portuguese.
  • How do I schedule a one-on-one consultation?
    You can use the scheduling feature on our website whenever you are ready! You will need to schedule an initial consultation first, before you can schedule a 30 or 60-minute follow up call. If you have any trouble scheduling on your own, or you don’t see a time available that works for you, please shoot us an email at We are happy to help and accommodate your busy schedule!
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